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Here I provide you with an overview of what I offer in the different sections/modules on my website.

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Build Resiliency Now!

By recognizing problematic behaviours & getting them out of the way

and getting to more resourceful states of mind.

The end result is a More Resilient, More Aware, More Empowered version of yourself so that now you can confidently move through life, even when faced with significant challenges.

Section #1 Stress, Anxiety and Internal States

  • Stress

  • Anxiety/Worry

  • Internal States

  • The Relaxation Response

  • Reframing

  • Radical Acceptance

In section # 1 I begin with a basic understanding of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and how your nervous system is affected under stress or anxiety/worry. Basically the sympathetic nervous system is activated under stress and work to stimulate a fight, flight or freeze response by regulating heart rate respiration and breathing etc.

The parasympathetic nervous system primarily stimulates the body’s rest and digest and feed and breed response.

By utilizing the relaxation response you can bring your body back to homeostasis and activate the parasympathetic nervous system allowing you to relax and actually have a broader view and more resources from your brain to confront issues about the stresses and anxieties or worries.

Stressors, things that cause you to adapt, which can include things to overcome in the present or things that are a concern in the future a.k.a. anxieties all can have a negative impact of narrowing the minds attention and taking some of your valuable resources off-line.

This leads us to the section on internal states.

Just as the autonomic nervous system operates unconsciously within our bodies and minds we have many other states internally that have sets of resources that we use regularly. This allows us to see that we are dynamic and we have skills that are often tied to a particular activity. It’s quite possible to use this knowledge to access some of those skills and apply them to something new where are you made previously have been stuck.

I talk about reframing as a way to purposefully look at something in a different way they can give you a new perspective and therefore see alternative solutions.

Learning the fundamentals of the autonomic nervous system how to interact with it to your benefit is a fundamental starting point to learning about self regulation and personal change.

Section #2 Habits and Change

  • Habits

  • Logical Levels of Change

  • Conscious and Unconscious Mind

  • Obstacles to change

In section # 2 I give an overview of habits and how they will get formed and how to take control of them by running over a couple of common approaches to changing habits. I give very brief synopsis of two bestselling books on habits.

Atomic Habits by James Clear and High-Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I recommend you have a deeper look into one of these books if the methods resonate with you.

In this section I also cover Dilts’ Logical Levels of Change, Conscious and Unconscious Learning and Common Obstacles to Change. Understanding the fundamentals of change gives you an advantage leading others or yourself through change.

Section # 3&4 Positive Psychology

The Science of Well-Being ( 9 week course on Kajabi see link below )

  • Learned optimism

  • Thinking traps

  • Character Strengths

  • The PERMA Model

  • Positive Emotion

  • Engagement

  • Relationships

  • Meaning

  • Accomplishment

In section 3 & 4 this is a double loaded section.

Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson among others have done an amazing amount of scientific research determining exactly what makes life worth living and what it means to live the good life.

Many psychologists had found even though they had removed mental illness or maladaptive behaviour from people, it did not mean that those people would thrive and have satisfaction in their life. Positive psychology is about the things that make us enjoy our lives that we have been able to prove through gold standard scientific study.

Key take away knowledge of your top 5 signature strengths and how to use them to your benefit, optimism can be learned and the five elements of PERMA to build a better life.

Section # 5 Mindfulness and Hypnosis

  • Mindfulness breathing

  • Self hypnosis

  • Audio hypnosis

  • Personalized hypnosis

In section # 5 we look at mindfulness breathing and the general approach of mindfulness as being in the moment and aware of yourself and your surroundings.

I also get into one of the most powerful things I have learned, Self hypnosis. Self Hypnosis is the process of going inward in order to address your own issues utilizing the power of your resources stored in your unconscious mind.

I include a few Hypnosis tracks you can access and I talk about the differences between Self Hypnosis, Audio Hypnosis and Personalize Hypnosis for personal betterment. Whether it’s relieving stress or trauma, addressing chronic physical or emotional pain or building resources for giving a speech, getting better at golf or any other personal skill improvement.

Hypnosis is a proven way to the rapid resolution of many personal issues.

Section # 6 Management, Leadership and Influence

  • Self Management

  • Self Leadership

  • Rapport and Influence

  • Overview

With all of these tools and resources under your belt, being honest about self-assessment, self-leadership and your ability to influence others is the obvious conclusion. Without self knowledge and skills to manage your inner states and resources you won’t be operating near your potential.

With mastery of self-regulation and accessing resourceful inner states, an understanding of the logical levels of change, obstacles to change and the broad learning of Positive psychology, self-leadership and the ability to influence others is transformed!

Access The 9 week Resilience course here on my Kajabi Course delivery site where you can track your progress week by week!

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